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Changzhou Jinpu Automation Equipment Co., Ltd.
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+Ultrasonic Series

ultrasonic series

Flat mask whole plant equipment|Cup-type mask whole plant equipment< /a>|Folding mask device| Shaped mask device|Non-woven medical equipment|裥棉復合設備|Ultrasonic Slitting Equipment|Ultrasonic Shearing Equipment|Non-woven bag making equipment|Ultrasonic embossing equipment| Non-standard automation equipment|Ultrasonic Glove Machine Equipment|

+Hydraulic Equipment Series

Hydraulic Equipment Series

Garbage Compressor|Hydraulic Lifting Platform|Hydraulic Test Bench|Hydraulic Station|Hydraulic Cylinder|leveling machine series|hydraulic machine||Pneumatic equipment|Reeling Machine|Riveting pliers|Line tooling >|Special mechanical equipment solutions|Coal mines Manufacturing repair and inspection equipment|Industrial Intelligent Testing Equipment|Automatic Welding< /a>|

+Other device families

Other equipment series

About Jinpu

      Changzhou Jinpu Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. specializes in producing computer intelligent ultrasonic lace machine, non-woven bag making machine and other ultrasonic accessories And a variety of clothing machinery and ultrasonic special equipment. The company pursues the business philosophy of leading technology and customer first, and has been committed to the development and research of ultrasonic practical equipment for many years. At present, ultrasonic lace machine, cotton machine, spot welding machine, wireless sewing machine, liquid...

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